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Adoption Information

We take great pride in our sanctuary and love helping our animals get a second chance in life, which means we work very hard to place just the right animal with just the right family or individual. We know each of our animals intimately and are able to determine which home would be the right one for them. We have a very strict application process that helps us determine if the animal you are interested in is the right match for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not fill out any of the application forms and mail to us without contacting us first. We will not review your application or consider you as a prospective adoptive family without first visiting with you about your particular situation. (Also a submitted application does not guarantee adoption.)

Typically animals come to our sanctuary because...

  • the family is moving
  • the cute little puppy is now an adult dog and weighs 50 pounds
  • Impulse shopping - they bought a cat/dog from a pet store (shame, shame!) and don't want it anymore - the reality of owning a pet has set in
  • rescue dogs/cats from shelters that were slated for euthansia
  • elderly people that cannot care for a pet anymore due to health reasons

    and sadly enough (this one breaks our hearts)

  • puppy mill dogs and dogs from breeders that were shut down

The best home for an individual dog or cat is based on the animal's needs and that animal fitting into the best, most loving and responsible home available to us.

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