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Give a Donation

Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary relies solely on donations and does not receive any state, city, or federal funding. Donations are what keeps our sanctuary going and gives us the opportunity to help all the animals that come through our program. Because of the generous nature of people like yourself, we have been able to rehabilitate and re-home many animals into wonderful new homes. This type of volunteer work is not without its heartaches. We have seen animals that have been victims of terrible abuse, starvation and total neglect but we keep plugging along as our commitment is deep and relentless - WE WILL ALL MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF THESE ANIMALS. Your donation, of any amount, is truly appreciated. We cannot thank you enough for searching your heart and finding that your heart has lead you in our direction.

Think about purchasing one of our great t-shirts or sponsoring a buddy. There are many ways you can help!

Please print off and complete the form below and send, along with your check, to our mailing address.

Memorial Program

Honor the life of a deceased family member or special four-legged friend that enriched your life. Recognize a birthday, anniversary or just a special event you shared with someone. You can acknowledge these special times in your life by giving a donation to Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary in their name. The recipient, if appropriate, will know you were thinking of him or her by giving to our charitable organization. And both of you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift has truly made a difference in the lives of the animals at HTAS.

Please print off and complete the form below and send to our mailing address:

Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary
5900 South Rangeline Road
Columbia, MO 65201

Yes, I would like to give a donation to Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary.

Name of Sponsor: ________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

City: ___________________________________________

State: ___________ Zip: ______________________

Phone: _______________________________

E-mail: _______________________________ (if applicable)

In Memory of :

________________________________________ (if applicable)

Complete and mail to:

Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary
5900 South Rangeline Road
Columbia, MO 65201

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