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· "Briefing of the 36th Report of the Society of Private Education of Shaanxi Province"    2024/06/19      · Notice on the Meeting of the Collection Association in 2024    2024/06/07      · Notice of the special training meeting of "Silver Age Teachers Support Private Education Action" for forwarding organizations    2024/03/15      · Notice of the 2023 meeting of the high -quality development seminar and the Vocational Education Professional Committee of China Eurasian Business Education for forwarding the 2023 meeting    2023/12/22      · Notice on the Meeting of the Collection Association in 2023 [Shaanxi Minjiao Association Letter [2023] No. 4]    2023/11/29
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· The 20th of the Communist Party of China ... 2024/07/18
· Dali County Education Sports Bureau ... 2024/07/18
· Yanchuan County holds education high ... 2024/07/18
· The city's vocational education group was established ... 2024/07/17
· Hengshan District Education Department College (... 2024/07/17
· The first national college student post ... 2024/07/17
· Shaanxi: Eight measures are excited ... 2024/07/17
· Shaanxi: Released college ... 2024/07/17
· Graduate graduate jobs ... 2024/07/09
· The Ministry of Education 188bet online sports betting Organization Special Governor ... 2024/07/09
· The Ministry of Education has a provincial university ... 2024/07/01
· 2024 Shaanxi universities finished ... 2024/07/01
· Graduate graduate jobs ... 2024/06/27
· Graduate application, these ten ... 2024/06/27
· Xi Jinping is in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China ... 2024/06/27
· China Business Daily: Xi'an Foreign Affairs ... 2024/07/18
· The School of General Education was approved ... 2024/07/18
· China Higher Education Society ... 2024/07/17
· Xi'an Translation College was held ... 2024/07/17
· English academics in Xijing College ... 2024/07/17
· Shaanxi Provincial Private University Party ... 2024/07/15
· Xi'an Peihua College and Li ... 2024/07/12
· Xi'an Siyuan College is grand ... 2024/07/02
· Xi'an Eurasian College 2024 ... 2024/07/02
· Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association Single ... 2022/05/12
· Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association Society ... 2024/06/07
· Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association Pei ... 2013/09/01
· Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association ... 2013/09/01
· Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association Study ... 2013/09/01
· Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association Gao ... 2013/09/01
· China Business Daily: Xi'an Foreign Affairs College: Deepen international exchanges and cooperation with outstanding talents to cultivate new exploration   (Click:) 2024/07/18 
· The School of General Education was approved for six items of Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau 2024 conventional project project   (Click:) 2024/07/18 
· Jiang Enlai, vice chairman of the Chinese Higher Education Society, and his party visited Shaanxi International Business Institute for guidance and exchanges   (Click:) 2024/07/17 
· Xi'an Translation College held a school history compilation arrangement deployment meeting   (Click:) 2024/07/17 
· The English academic journal "Battery Energy" in Xijing College breaks 9 influence factors, entered the Q1 area   (Click:) 2024/07/17 

· The research team of party building work of private universities in Shaanxi Provincial Private Universities visited the Xi'an Foreign Affairs College to visit the school's party building results   (Click:) 2024/07/15 
· Xi'an Peihua College signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yuanjia Village, Liquan County   (Click:) 2024/07/12 
· Xi'an Siyuan College of Siyuan to host the 14th "White Deer Yaji • Sakura painting spring" short video contest and the 20th track and field 188bet online sports betting sports excellent short video contest awards ceremony   (Click:) 2024/07/02 
· Xi'an Eurasian College in 2024 pairing to help Qingxuan County "Qingxuan Middle School Environmental Design and Reconstruction" project was launched   (Click:) 2024/07/02 
· Xi'an Foreign Affairs College insists on educating people and building a "one -stop" student community culture with cultural people   (Click:) 2024/06/27 

· Volunteers of the Urban College of Xi'an Jiaotong University participated in the "Youth Forum" of the 6th Qinling Ecological Environmental Protection of Shaanxi Province and 2024 Qinling Environmental Protection Volunteer Demonstration Active   (Click:) 2024/06/26 
· Xi'an Foreign Affairs College in Shaanxi Provincial Education, Culture, Health and Sports Department of Employees Creation Creation   (Click:) 2024/06/25 
· Xi'an Institute of Foreign Affairs successfully established the third phase of the Ministry of Education to docking the employment and education project   (Click:) 2024/06/24 
· Tencent Cloud and Haojing Group three universities together to promote the integration of schools and enterprises, integration of production and education, serve new productive forces, and create a northwest digital economic talent training center   (Click:) 2024/06/24 
· The 3rd rural revitalization and the county economy high -quality development forum was successfully held   (Click:) 2024/06/24 

· Xi'an Foreign Affairs College international student Tian Youran won the "Chinese Bridge" Global Foreigner Chinese "Story Club" final "Excellent Literary Care Award"   (Click:) 2024/06/24 
· Leaders of Xi'an Institute of Foreign Affairs visited the Barcelona Autonomous University to deepen inter -school cooperation   (Click:) 2024/06/24 
· 188bet online sports betting Shaanxi University of Science and Technology Haojing College Marxist College and Xianyang Campus community co -construction "Dasi Political Class" practice base   (Click:) 2024/06/18 
· High -tech College of Xi'an University of Science and Technology won the international second prize of American college student mathematics model competition!   (Click:) 2024/06/18 
· 16 projects in Shaanxi International Business School of International Business and Trade won the third phase of the student department of the Ministry of Education University Student Division for the Employment Education Project   (Click:) 2024/06/18 

· Create a good performance again! Xi'an Foreign Affairs Drum Orbon has once again approved the Shaanxi Provincial Art Creation Funding Project!   (Click:) 2024/06/18 
· Chinese Poetry "Hundred Cities Hand Hand" seven ancient capital alliances launched in Shaanxi   (Click:) 2024/06/11 
· Students of Shaanxi International Business College have achieved good results in the 12th "Challenge Cup" Shaanxi Provincial College Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition!   (Click:) 2024/06/11 
· "Four Focus" of Xijing College strengthened the construction of counselor teams   (Click:) 2024/06/04 
· Xi'an Eurasian College Promote the "One -stop" Student Community Comprehensive Management Model Construction   (Click:) 2024/06/04 

· Xi'an Automobile Vocational University Multiple measures to build an employment "supply and demand bridge" for graduates   (Click:) 2024/06/04 
· Xi'an Foreign Affairs College Ben's original classic teachers and students recitation, learning sharing conference successfully concluded   (Click:) 2024/05/27 
· Alumni Xu Lei, an alumnus of Xi'an Foreign Affairs 188bet review Academy, donated 10 million yuan project to help the smart construction of alma mater   (Click:) 2024/05/22 
· The leaders of the Chinese Vocational Education Association Phoenix Education Group came to Shaanxi Travel Culinary Vocational College to conduct research and exchange   (Click:) 2024/05/20 
· Xi'an Jiaotong University Urban College held the theoretical learning center group (enlarged) party discipline education and education counseling report   (Click:) 2024/05/20 

· Xi'an Institute of Foreign Affairs established the Benhara Confucian Academy to help cultural revival to promote civilization   (Click:) 2024/05/20 
· Xi'an Jiaotong University Urban College held the 20th anniversary celebration meeting of the school   (Click:) 2024/05/13 
· Take root in the Chinese Land -Office University -Accelerate the Construction of World -Class Studies with Chinese Characteristics   (Click:) 2024/05/08 
· Xi'an Peihua College: "Two -line and four -dimensional" helps to help the development   (Click:) 2024/05/08 
· Xi'an Foreign Affairs College 29th Sports Games grandly opened   (Click:) 2024/04/29 
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