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Notice on the collection of the National Private Education Information Network LOGO
2024-04-28 16:50 China 188bet online sports bettingPrivate Education Association's official website    (Click: )
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Relevant units:
    Entrusted by the Development Planning Department of the Ministry of Education,China 188bet online sports bettingPrivate Education Association is carrying out the national private education information network for preparation,The web collection government service、Information release and query、Information collection and analysis、188bet reviewInformation disclosure and supervision、Information exchanges and cooperation functions,Series、Service、Comprehensive service network platform for managing Chinese private education (hereinafter referred to as platform)。Now the public solicitation platform LOGO。 Related instructions are as follows:
    1. Design requirements
    1. Logo should reflect the platform function,Can reflect the unique value and use of the platform。
    2. Logo should have a unique personality,Easy public memory,It is easy to make scaling and application on different media。
    3. Logo should be applicable to various visual communication media,Including plane、stereo and electronic media。
    4. Design works must be original works,I did not publish in any form before。
    188bet app5. Logo pattern size is A4 paper size,Provide two formats: vector and JPG,At the same time,Explained the basic element of logo、Design intent、Creative concept and the meaning of work。
    2. Deadline
    May 24, 2024
    3, submission method
    1. Ledo solicit only accepts email forms。
    2. The identity document of the contribution,Including name、Working unit、Contact information, etc.,It is necessary to submit it in an attachment in the form of an attachment with WORD documents,You must not appear in the design draft。If you contribute to the unit,Please provide a copy of the unit business license。
    3. Please submitters will bring the work、Work description documentation document and submitter identity documentation document sent to mailbox (,The file is called "Author's Name (Unit)+LOGO Collection"。Email theme is filled in "Author's Name (Unit)+LOGO Collection"。
    4. Selecting method
    This collection is determined to be selected for one piece,Five pieces of shortlisted works。For the selected and shortlisted works,Issuing China 188bet online sports bettingPrivate Education Association Certificate。Give a certain reward for selected works。Related results will be announced on the website of the Chinese Private Education Association。
    5. Intellectual property
    The selected work will be released and used on the platform,The author selected work shall sign an intellectual property transfer agreement with the China 188bet online sports bettingPrivate Education Association,All intellectual 188bet casino reviewproperty rights (including but not limited to copyright,All planes of the product、All rights of three -dimensional or electronic carriers) belong to the China Private Education Association。
    6. Contact information
    Contact: Li Huixian
    Electric  Talk: 18079458059
    Annex: Notification of the collection of website logo (logo)
Secretariat of the China 188bet online sports bettingPrivate Education Association
April 24, 2024

Annex [Notice .pdf]Downloadedtimes
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