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Lu Ming Shaanxi Academy of Clothing Engineering
2013-09-01 06:27 Source: official website of Shaanxi Academy of clothing engineering    (Click: )
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Haojing International 188bet mobile app androidEducation Group Chairman、Vice President of Shaanxi Provincial Clothing Association、Chairman of Shaanxi School of Clothing Engineering。Chairman of Zhongguancun University Student Innovation and Employment Employment Promotion Association。"Top Ten Outstanding Youths" in Shaanxi Province、National Private 188bet mobile app androidHigher Education 188bet review"Entrepreneurship Award"、Shaanxi Provincial Education Commission Social Power to run a school Excellent (School) Dean、Xinhua News Agency Shaanxi Branch Cross -Century Social Power running a school "Top Ten Outstanding Persons"、Shaanxi Provincial Social Power School "Outstanding Contribution Award"、The first "Venture Pioneer 188bet casino reviewGold Award" in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province。

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