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The degree law will be implemented from January 1 next year -what new changes will degree management will usher in
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April 26,The Ninth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fourteenth National People's Congress voted through the "Degree Law of the People's Republic of China",The degree method will be implemented from January 1, 2025。How to understand the new law in the practice of degree management? How to land the new law?。

188bet reviewmy country's first education law ushered in "transformation",It is significant

The "Degree Regulations of the People's Republic of China" passed in 1980 is the first education law in New China,Degree Regulations and its supporting system to establish a degree system in my country、Promoting the rapid development of education and science、Make outstanding contributions to promoting socialist modernization。Workers in the field of higher education are no stranger to this。

"Degree Regulations as the first law in the field of New China education and scientific research,Provided basic follow for degree management。"Gong Qihuang, President of Peking University。In the development of more than 40 years of Chinese universities,The background of the degree management work has also changed huge changes。From Gong Qihuang's view,Degree Law based on the degree regulations,It is the summary and consolidation of the experience and results of my country's graduate education reform.,Methods in the work in a targeted solving degree work,Better adapt to the requirements of high -quality development of graduate education,Provide a strong guarantee for the continuous development of the degree and graduate education of our country and graduate education。

President of China University of Political Science and Law Ma Huaide said,Modify the name of the degree regulations to the degree method and make a comprehensive revision of the system content,For the reform of the reform of the degree 188bet online sports bettingsystem at the legal level,Standard degree awarding activity、Guarantee degree quality,Protect the legitimate rights and interests of the applicant of the degree applicant,Construction of Education Powerful Power、Science and technology power、Talent Power Kingdom,Provide strong talent support and intellectual support for comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries,It has important significance。

From the perspective of social development,Director of the Education Department of Jiangsu Province、Jiang Yong, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Education Working Committee, believes: "The degree law is introduced,helps to improve the consciousness of the public and degree management subjects,It also helps standardize degree awarding activities,Improve the quality and level of degree award,More helpful to promote education、Technology、Talent Reform,Promote the sustainable and healthy development of higher education in my country。”

Serving the country to accelerate the cultivation of innovative talents,Rich connotation

Professor Wang Zhanjun, a professor at Beijing Institute of Technology, is most concerned about the "three -level two types" degree system stipulated in the degree law。"The most basic and significant feature of the" three -level two -type "degree system system is clearly divided into two categories of academic degree and professional degree。Degree method of training two 188bet apptypes of degrees、Degree award standard、Training mode and degree defense forms are regulated。Academic degree emphasizes academic research ability,The training link emphasizes academic research training; professional degrees emphasize highlighting professional practice ability,The training link emphasizes professional practice、Training; academic degree graduate students conduct degree thesis defense,Professional degree graduate students perform practical results、Other stipulated results defense。"Wang Zhanjun said。

Wang Zhanjun's high attention,Because of the urgent need for talents for national social development。"Today in the accelerated evolution of scientific and technological changes,The technological content of the entire society is rapidly increased,Social demand for talents has changed significantly,Category Cultivation、Classification evaluation is a major measure to meet social needs to serve the development of the country。"Wang Zhanjun said。

Ma Huaide also thinks,Added a professional degree type is a very important institutional innovation of this legislation。Ma Huaide said,Since the implementation of a professional degree education system in the early 1990s,Filtel -combination of professional degree graduate education and industry needs,Professional degree categories are constantly enriching,Cultivation scale continues to expand,The quality of training 188bet reviewhas been significantly improved,Social recognition increases year by year。But the degree regulations focus on academic degree,There is no professional degree expression and corresponding system design。The degree method legalized the professional degree,Differential dividing the degree into academic degree、Professional degree and other types,Build a dual degree type for the coordinated development of academic degrees and professional degrees,At the same time in the bachelor's degree condition、Master's degree condition、Doctoral degree conditions, etc., all stipulate the relevant content of professional degrees。

Perform the responsibilities of the subject management of the degree management, grasp the implementation

Gong Qihuang follows,Compared with the degree regulations,The degree method is clearly included in the master's degree、Doctoral degree awarding point independent review system。"This is the autonomy of guarantee and expand the degree awarding unit,Further stimulating the vitality of running school has significant significance and profound impact。”

Many explorations from Peking University,A reference for the landing of the degree law。Gong Qihuang Introduction,Peking University takes the independent authorization of independent review as an important starting point,Vigorously develop cross -disciplines,Create a discipline cross platform,A distinctive feature of cross -disciplinary cross -fusion,Efforts 188bet mobile app androidto improve the ability to solve major problems and original innovation capabilities,and through a series of system innovation and model innovation,strengthened the support of disciplines for talent training。School strives to explore the development direction and education law of different types of graduate education,Strengthening professional degree production and education integration and education mechanism,Classified customization is suitable for academic type、Training plan for application talents,Exploring academic papers、Patent、Software copyright、Works、Diversified forms such as application conversion results reflect academic innovation results,Establish a comprehensive evaluation mechanism that meets the characteristics of disciplines and the type of training。

From the perspective of the person in charge of the local education department,Jiang Yong believes: "Implement the degree law and allow the degree system to better serve the country's major strategy,Need the government、University、Common efforts and collaborations of all parties in the industry and society。"He said,Next,Jiangsu will use the needs of serving economic and social development as a strategic orientation for new degree authorization review,Priority to new national development key areas、First -level disciplines and professional degree categories in the blank field and urgent area,Support the application 188bet casino reviewof basic discipline、Emerging Discipline、Cross Discipline。Actively create school -level characteristics,Actively create school -level characteristics、Provincial focus、Provincial advantage、National first -class four -level discipline construction system。Around major basic research、Advanced Manufacturing、Biomedical、Modern Agriculture、National Defense Technology and other countries (industry、Region) Major strategic demand areas、Vigorously promote cross -door category、Multi -disciplinary cross -fusion development,The ability to continuously improve the major needs of the disciplinary system support service。

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