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Hanzhong City uses digital transformation to empower high -quality development
2024-04-28 15:48 The official website of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education    (Click: )
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    In recent years,Hanzhong City guidance with Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Fully implement the fundamental task of Lideshu people,Promote the implementation of education digital strategy,Innovation innovation from education informatization application、Create a digital teacher team、Construct a data -driven education governance mode and other levels,Continuously exploring the effective path of digital transformation of education。

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Hanzhong City Digital Education Promotion Conference
    188bet online sports betting—— "Netlated" to promote the balanced development of education。Elementary School in Yanghe Town, Xixiang County,Art lessons carried out by remote interactive classrooms are undergoing。The school carries out the "three classrooms" second -level alliance activities,Share weak discipline resources into teaching points。Ningqiang County Beiguan Primary School develops a series of school -based courses,Three "three classrooms" accurately drive the teaching and research of rural schools。Fo Ping County Central Primary School, located between Bashan, Qinling Mountain, uses "Shaanxi Education Support Platform",Establish a famous school network+weak school pairing assistance relationship with Xi'an Economic Development First Primary School,Carry out the two -teacher teaching and research activity。Zhang Jianguo, principal of the Central Primary School of Xifuhe Town, Foping County, said: Based on the experience of a small assistant school in Xi'an Economics,The school and 4 primary schools in the school have established a pairing assistance relationship,The sharing of educational resources,Give full play to the advantages of group running school,Promoting regional connotation development,Complete a new chapter of education development between school levels。Three classroom equilibrium education informatization teaching platforms undertaken by the Hanzhong Mobile have been in Hantai District、Nanzheng District、Multiple schools in Xixiang County are widely used,Carry out remote interactive teaching,Promote regional 188bet apphigh -quality teaching resources co -construction and sharing。Education informationization,Promote the construction of the community of network training community of urban and rural teachers,Exploring the development model of urban and rural education collaborative development,Area、The gap between urban and rural digits is gradually reduced,strongly promoted education fairness,Share high -quality education。

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Remote interactive classroom of Yanghe Town Central Primary School in Yanghe Town, Xixiang County
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Foping County Xifuhe Town Central Primary School and Xi'an Economic Development First Primary School carried out dual -teacher teaching and research activities
    —— "Intelligent" helps classroom teaching changes。With the ringtone of the class,Hantai District Youth Road Primary School Programming Class,The students are under the guidance of the teacher,Skillly write code,The opening of this skill,He also brought them into a brand new world。Graduates from Youth Road Primary School in Hantai District told Ruijie: Since the opening of programming clubs for elementary schools, it has been participating in it,Usually do a lot of interesting applets,After the award, I also doubled my confidence。In Hanzhong,More and more students pass through digital education new classroom,Get knowledge and growth。Hantai Middle School Innovation Development 3D Maker Workshop、Fixed animation、Air models and campus television stations,Cultivate students' digital literacy。Xixiang County Sihe Elementary School creates smart calligraphy application scenarios,188bet casino reviewDevelop Calligraphy School Course Resources,Comprehensively improve students' calligraphy literacy,The school is rated as the Shaanxi Hard Pen Calligraphy Demonstration School。Hanzhong Dongchen Primary School combined with educating goals,Based on the original curriculum system, a four -in -one -in -line curriculum system was built,enriched the connotation of teaching,Cultivated students' core literacy。Under the background of the digital construction of education,All primary and secondary schools in the city use information technology to build intelligent learning scenes,A new wave of digital leading education methods transformation and upgrading。

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Hantai Middle School 3D Maker Workshop Course

    - "Digital" empower education innovation。Nanzheng District Chengguan Primary School Education Group uses "learning in Hanzhong" smart education cloud platform,Implement the overall management of the school、Party building work、Teachers Team、Teaching and Research Activities、Student activities are carried out simultaneously,Connect the school owned by the group into a network,Help city and rural education high -quality balanced development。Gu Hong, the principal of Chengguan Primary School Education Group in Nanzheng District, said: We deeply feel the advantages and functions of information technology in the process of group running,It can strengthen the demonstration leadership of the famous teachers in the group,Make high -quality educational resources sharing、Teacher team reaches co -construction,Commonly promoting the overall improvement。And this digital 188bet appmanagement application,It's just a microcosm of the digital transformation and development of education in Hanzhong。In recent years,The city revolves around "teaching、Learning、Tube、Research、Comment "Full Process Education System,Focusing on creating a digital educational Han -Chinese Formula。Ningqiang County Experimental Primary School Development "Fantastic Skip" characteristic sports courses,Control software through intelligent rope skipping,Monitoring and data analysis of students' skipping rope,Provide the basis for precise guidance for teachers。Lueyang County Guan Kindergarten integrates the educational content of the five major fields with STEAM education concepts,Let children try to solve practical problems in the project activities,Cultivate children's innovative thinking ways to explore the world。Hanshi Affiliated Education Group uses the "Learning in Hanzhong" Smart Education Cloud Platform to carry out discipline moral education online teaching and research activities,Digitalization of the entire process of promotion and application of teaching and research results。Wang Wenjuan, deputy director of the Elementary Teaching Department of the Han Division, said: We are carried out through various teaching and research activities through online and offline,Teachers' teaching philosophy is updated,Teaching methods are improved,High participation in teaching and research activities,Teaching and research level continues to improve,The overall improvement of the professional level of teachers。Xixiang 188bet online sports bettingCounty Taurus Elementary School Construction of Five Good Golden Bull and Moral Education Evaluation System,Data mining and application,Make a comprehensive tracking and evaluation of the students' education process,Education to assist students to grow in accordance with the aptitude。Implementing smart education leading action,Create a provincial smart education demonstration zone 1、Provincial Smart Education Demonstration School 2、Municipal Smart Education Demonstration School 26。

Ningqiang County Experimental Primary School "Fantastic Skip" characteristic physical education courses

    —— "Smart" builds a new ecology of educating people。Hanzhong Internet Learning Development Report and typical cases by the Ministry of Education Management Information Center "China Internet Learning Development Report" white paper included,Hanzhong regional case national promotion。More than 100 basic education courses in the city obtained provincial -level preferential courses,Among them, 8th section receives ministry -level excellent courses。Create a "gold medal" teacher team。919 schools in the city、More than 34,000 teachers completed the national "Primary and Middle School Teachers' Information Technology Property Improvement Project 2.0" training。In -depth implementation of the "Hanzhong City Information Technology Capability Raise 100 One" teacher training plan,Building a digital era innovation teacher system,Education reform、Teaching Innovation、Teacher management and digital fusion innovation play a demonstration leading role。According to the 188bet casino reviewNational "Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan",Build the "Learning in Hanzhong" Smart Education Cloud Platform,Create the educational digital base of the "platform+data+application" trinity,Focus on implementing the "1181" project,That is an educational cloud、An Education Big Data Center、Eight Smart Education Applications、A set of standard specifications,Facing educational administrative departments at all levels in the city、Various schools and teachers、Student、Parents,Provide education management、Education and Teaching and other information services。Implementation of digital campus popularization operations,Continuously optimize the digital environment,Promote the development of digital connotation,Improve the digital literacy of teachers and students,Constructing a new ecology for digital education development。
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