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From basic equilibrium to high -quality balance -in my country multi -measure 188bet mobile app androiddeployment to promote compulsory education high -quality balanced development
2024-03-21 14:40 The official website of the Education Department of Shaanxi Province    (Click: )
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    Cutting compulsory education is related to the vital interests of each family,The future of the country and the nation。Executive Meeting of the State Council held on the 12th emphasized,To improve the school conditions、Education quality and the satisfaction of the people are the focus of work,Continuously shrinking areas、Urban and rural、School、Group education gap,Touch more fair and high -quality compulsory education。To adapt to the population change and the process of new urbanization,Forward -looking research and judgment of compulsory education needs change,Enhance the flexibility and adaptability of resource allocation,Increase fiscal compulsory education funding to weak links,Popularize the shortcomings of the development of compulsory education。
    Relevant person in charge of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education,Since the 188bet online sports bettingreform and opening up,my country's compulsory education has been developed rapidly,Basic popularity in 2000,Realizing comprehensive popularity in 2011。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,my country continues to promote the balanced development of compulsory education。By the end of 2021,All counties and districts across the country have passed the basic balanced development of national compulsory education, supervision and evaluation and identification,my country's compulsory education has achieved basic equilibrium。
    In the process of promoting the balanced development of compulsory education,my country's compulsory education has reached the world's high -income countries average,Significant improvement of funding guarantee and school running conditions,The quality of the teacher team is significantly improved,Education quality overall improvement。
    After the basic equilibrium is achieved,The development goal of compulsory education in my country is to move towards high -quality 188bet reviewbalance。2023,The General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、The General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Building a Basic Public Education Service System for Basic Public Education",Proposed to 2035,Conditions for running schools of compulsory education、Teachers Team、Funding investment、The governance system is suitable for the need for education to strengthen the country,Market (Place、State、Alliance) The level of compulsory education in the domains has improved significantly,Most counties (cities、Area、Banner) Domaining compulsory education realizes high -quality balance,Age -age students enjoy fair and high -quality basic public education services,Starting into the forefront of the world。
    To achieve this goal, what are the next steps?
    Introduction of this person in charge,In the next step, you will adhere to the position of compulsory education.,Adhere to the principle of education public welfare,Adhere to the development plan、188bet reviewResource allocation、Priority guarantee for investment in funding,Touch more fair and high -quality compulsory education。
    Promote the comprehensive development of students,To deepen curriculum teaching reform,Innovative talent training method,Promote the comprehensive development of students' morality, intellectual, physical, and labor; integrate and use scientific education resources in the school,Cultivate students to advocate science、Love the spirit of science and inquiry thinking、The ability of hands -on practice; continue to promote the implementation of "double reduction",Comprehensive advice to reduce the pressure of students' entrance examination during the compulsory education stage。
    For the changing trend of "Xianda Peak" for compulsory education in the next ten years,The Ministry of Education proposes to strengthen the prospective study of changes in the school -age population,Reasonable planning school layout,Optimize the allocation of educational resources。
The Ministry of Education also proposed,Make up 188bet online sports bettingthe school's school conditions shortcomings,Promoting existing high -quality schools to digging for potential,Accelerate the growth of new and high -quality schools,Use digital empowerment,Promote the sharing of high -quality educational resources,Help rural schools to improve the quality of school running。
In terms of the construction of the teacher team,To expand the scale of high -level primary and secondary school teachers,Improve teachers' professional ability,Urges all regions to implement compulsory education teachers 'treatment guarantee long -term mechanism and salary income with the adjustment mechanism of local civil servants' treatment,Ensure that the teacher's wages are paid and paid in time。
    "We will focus on the basic、Make -up shortcomings、Massage,Education investment is further tilted to education, teaching and teachers,Tilled to the central and western regions,Comprehensively guarantee compulsory education High -quality balanced development。"The person in charge said。
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