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Strengthening the optimization and adjustment of colleges and universities. There are some targeted training of urgent need -the person in charge of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education answers the reporter's question on the announcement of the "Notice on the announcement of the 2023 Undergraduate Professional File and Approval Results"
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    1. Please briefly introduce the basic situation of the professional filing and approval work。

Answer: Implement the "Adjustment and Optimization Plan for General Higher Education Discipline Settings and Optimization Reform 188bet mobile app androidPlan" issued by the Ministry of Education and other five departments (hereinafter referred to as the "Reform Plan") Requirements,According to the "Administrative Regulations for the Establishment of Undergraduate Professional Society for General College",The Ministry of Education organized the setting and adjustment of undergraduate majors in general colleges and universities in 2023。Declaration、Public announcement、Audit and other procedures,Added 1456 new filing professional points、217 professional points for approval (including 160 national control cloth professional,57 new majors outside the directory),Adjust the degree awarding the door or the professional point of 46 professional points。At the same time,Reminded 1,670 professional points for some universities to apply for cancellation。In addition,Electronic information material、Soft material science and engineering、high -power semiconductor science and engineering、Biological Breeding Technology、Ecological Repairing School、24 new majors including health science and technology are officially included in the undergraduate professional catalog,816 kinds of majors in the directory。

2. Through professional settings and adjustment work,What is effective in optimizing the professional structure?

Answer: Professional filing and approval work,It is both a dynamic adjustment of the annual conventional work set by the undergraduate major of colleges and universities,Also implemented the "Reform Plan",Continuous improvement of education support for high -quality development、Contribution,188bet appSome targeted cultivation of national strategic talents and important practices that urgently need shortage of talents。

This specialty added、Rejuvenation、Adjustment involves 3389 professional points。1673 newly added、Rejected 1670,The quantity is basically the same。Engineering、Education、Professional points of subject categories such as economics and other disciplines increase the number in the top three,Management、The number of professional points of disciplines such as art and other disciplines is relatively reduced。From the perspective of the subject category,The most professional points involved in the Institute of Technology,1322,39%,This echoes the basic situation of engineering as the first university department; from the regional layout,There are 1802 professional points involved in universities in the central and western regions,53.17%。In general,Further optimization of professional structure and regional layout,Universities are more reasonable in professional settings。

3. What are the characteristics of this professional setting and adjustment?

Answer: The professional settings and adjustment work mainly have the following four characteristics:

1 is to serve the national strategy。Thinking of what the country wants、Urgent country in urgent country、Due to the need for the country,Guided by serving the high -quality economic and social development of the economy and society,New National Security Studies、Electronic information material、Biological Breeding Technology、Ecological restoration and other new majors,Support universities to add a digital economy、188bet casino reviewIntegrated circuit design and integrated system, such as urgent need of deficiencies。

The second is aiming at the area requirements。Implementing the party group proposed by the Ministry of Education "Higher Education must be in service regional economic and social development、Optimize the layout structure to do a good job of first trial "deployment requirements,Strengthen provincial coordination,Guide local universities to add intelligent manufacturing projects、New Energy Vehicle Project、Smart Agriculture、Intelligent mining engineering and other regional key industries for key industries for development urgently needed。

Third is to strengthen cross -integration。New Engineering、New Medicine、New Rural Science、New liberal arts construction is guided,Promoting the integration of production and education、Science and Education Ronghui,Added cross project、Health Science and Technology、Smart visual engineering、Engineering software and other new majors,Support universities to add a number of intelligent construction、Network and New Media、Virtual reality technology and other professional points。

Fourth is to highlight employment orientation。Further strengthen the linkage between employment and professional settings,Promote the actual development of the provinces in combination with the development of the regional industry,223 kinds of majors with relatively low employment rates,Provide important reference for adjusting the professional structure for universities。Pressing the responsibility of the main body of the university,It is clearly required 188bet reviewthat college employment rates are too low、Professionals that are not suitable for social needs、Timely reduction。

4. In the past year,What are the new measures for professional settings?

Answer: First, change according to the needs of economic and social development,Dynamic adjustment of the national control cloth professional,better play the guiding role of the undergraduate professional catalog。In this professional setting work,The topic reviews the motion of the adjustment of the national control professional scope proposed by various professional teaching and finger committees,Discussion on the topic、Voting voting and other procedures,Resource exploration project、Nursing、Adjustment of Navigation Academic Affairs to National Control Professional。

Second is to further strengthen the overall planning and management of provincial discipline majors。Require provincial education administrative departments to strengthen the development plan of disciplines,Combined with the needs and actual situation of economic and social development in this region,Guide conditions with conditional universities add urgent need of deficiencies。All provinces combine the actual development of the local real estate industry,Sorting out 520 kinds of specialty in urgent need of deficiencies,Guide universities to set professional settings with service needs。

Third, try professional settings pre -declaration system,Professional setting management mechanism is further improved。Requires colleges and universities in accordance with the needs of economic and social development and their own school positioning、School conditions, etc.188bet casino review,Professional planning in advance。Universities apply for additional majors (excluding Chinese and foreign cooperative schools、Second bachelor's degree major),In principle, it should be included in the development plan of school disciplines,Pre -reporting 1 year in advance。Current,760 universities have submitted a professional pre -reporting material to be added in 2024 through special websites,involved 634 majors、2965 professional points。

5. For further professional settings,What are the considerations?

Answer: "Adjustment and Optimization Reform Plan for General Higher Education Discipline Settings and Optimization Plan,Our "one province, one case", "one school, one policy" pay close attention to implementation。For the new situation and demand facing the current professional setting of colleges and universities,The "Notice of the Establishment of Undergraduate Professional Settings of General Advanced Universities" is developing,Refine and supplement the management regulations of reform schemes and professional settings,Further improve the policy system framework。First, strengthen dynamic adjustment,Implementation of professional directory annual update release mechanism,Improve the setting and adjustment mechanism of the undergraduate professional category、Dynamic adjustment of the national control cloth professional and special major,Through "Small Step Run",Enhance the response and support for high -quality development of higher education。Second, strengthen quality and characteristics,Through the implementation of professional pre -reporting system、Strengthening measures 188bet reviewsuch as adding professional arguments and publicity,Improve professional setting quality,Guide colleges and universities to strengthen advantages and specialty,Avoid simple follow -up。Third is to strengthen provincial -level coordination and guidance,Promote the provincial education administrative department based on service regional economic and social development,Guide universities to add strategic emerging industries related majors、Regional development urgently needs shortage professional,Construction characteristic advantage professional group。

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