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Take root in the Chinese Land -Office University -Accelerate the construction of a world -class university with Chinese characteristics
2024-05-08 08:58 Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association    (Click: )
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    May 4, 2014,When inspecting at Peking University,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "To do a good world -class university in China,Must have Chinese characteristics。No feature,Following others also strode and tend to,Draw gourds in the same way,It is impossible to run successfully。"" We must seriously absorb the world's advanced school experience,More to follow the law of education,Take root in China to run university。”For 10 years,The spiritual guidance direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech,Deeply looking forward to urging people for progress。Chinese higher education and the times travel with the times、Concentric with the people,Get historic achievements、Changes in pattern changes。Let's take a look at the "People's Daily" report —

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Take root in China to run university
—— Accelerate the construction of a world -class university with Chinese characteristics with Chinese characteristics

    May 4, 2014,When inspecting at Peking University,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "To do a good world -class university in China,Must have Chinese characteristics。No feature,Following others also strode and tend to,Draw gourds in the same way,It is impossible to run successfully。"" We must seriously absorb the world's advanced school experience,More to follow the law of education,Take root in China to run university。”

    "Gone rooting China to run universities",Full of cultural self -confidence,Show the role of a great country,Turned out the mission pursuit of Chinese universities,It also indicates the "Chinese coordinates" that China's higher education has forged ahead in the world pattern。

    For 10 years,The spiritual guidance direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech,Deeply looking forward to urging people for progress。Chinese higher education and the times travel with the times、Concentric with the people,Get historic achievements、Patternous changes: Build the world's largest higher education system,A batch of universities and a large number of disciplines among the world's advanced level,Get a number of major scientific and technological innovation results,The overall level of higher education enters the world's first square。

    Look at the scale of education -higher education gross enrollment rate increased from 30%in 2012 to 60.2%in 2023,Complete the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" planning target,Enter the world -recognized popularization stage。

    Quality Cultivation Quality -The population of higher education is over 240 million,More than 80%of the National Natural Science Fund projects in the country are borne by colleges and universities。

    Observation International Exchange -China has generally carried out educational cooperation exchanges with more than 180 countries in China,signed a academic degree mutual recognition agreement with 59 countries and regions,"Study Abroad China" brand construction vigorously promotes。

    Take root in China to run university,Go out of a construction of Chinese characteristics、New Road of World First -class University,Keep in mind the entrustment of the majority of universities,String forward。


Persist in the correct political direction of running school


    General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Persist in the correct political direction of running the school" "every country is to cultivate people in accordance with its own political requirements" "Chinese socialist education is to cultivate socialist builders and successors"。

    Persist in the correct political direction of running school,It is to firmly grasp the direction of socialist school running without shaking。Over the years,This requirement is implemented to the whole process of higher education school。

    One adheres to the guiding position of Marxism。Peking University has steadily 188bet casino reviewpromoted major research projects such as the "Centennial Communist Party News (multi -volume)" and "Centennial Centennial Ideology of the Communist Party of China and the historic leap of Sinicization of Marxism",Education guides students to learn to use Marxist position viewing and method to observe the world、Analysis of the World,Deep understanding Marxist truth power; colleges and universities such as Fudan University adhere to a high starting point、Multi -disciplinary、Multi -angle studies and explain the rich connotation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics、Spiritual essence and scientific system。

    "Marxism is not the knowledge in the book"。Renmin University of China、Shandong University、Xiamen University and other universities in the process of carrying out Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics,Persist in guiding students to contact the actual situation,Knowledge and Film One。

    Ge to know、Application for it。Tsinghua University encourages students to support students "Li Da Zhi、Enter the mainstream、Great stage、Ganda Business ",Glowing and heat to the needs of the party and the people。Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics builds "strong affection、Strong foundation、Strong practice、Strong Rongtong "talent training mode,Cultivation of empty and heavenly reports on the basis of thick planting disciplines。

    Practicing promise、In the unremitting struggle of the country to report to the country,The majority of teachers and students understand: Why can the Communist Party of China,Why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good,In the final analysis, it is Marxist line,It is the Marxist line of time in China!

    Persist in the correct political direction of running school,It is also necessary to strengthen the party's leadership of colleges and universities。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The party's comprehensive leadership of colleges and universities is more solid,The principal under the leadership of the party committee is more complete,School party building and career development deep integration,Promote the development of comprehensive and strict governance of the party to develop in depth、Extend to the grassroots。Starting from 2018,National colleges and universities implement the "benchmarking" construction plan for the implementation of the party organization,Promote the comprehensive improvement of party organizations at all levels of colleges and universities across the country,Stimulate outstanding party members to play the "head geese" effect to drive the majority of teachers and students to participate in the construction of a strong country。

    Teachers and students listen to the party、The belief in walking with the party is more firm,Effectively understand the decisive significance of deep understanding of "two establishment",Enhance the "Four Consciousness"、firm "Four Confidence"、"Two maintenance" is implemented on action。

    "Strong of the country due to people,The success of the human style out of learning "。Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign,Each country trains people in accordance with their own political requirements,World -class universities all grow up in serving their own countries。In the process of high -quality development of higher education,The majority of colleges and universities continue to deepen understanding: as long as we have a role in cultivating socialist builders and successors、Effective,Our university can have a status in the world、There is a right to speak。

    Speed ​​on the construction of a strong country、National Revival Great Valley,The majority of universities insist on the correct political direction of running the school,Don’t forget the original heart、Bacon casting soul!


Cultivation of newcomers in the era of rejuvenation of national rejuvenation


    General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "The foundation of colleges and universities lies in Lidu people。Only universities that cultivate first -class talents,can become a world -class university。”

    Education for the party、For the national education,Cultivate a batch of newcomers in the era of the rejuvenation of national rejuvenation,188bet appIs a lofty mission given by the party and the country,It is the deserved meaning of rooting in the Chinese land -run university。

    April 11,A "Dasi Political Class" of a unique place in a unique face opened in Chongqing Nankai Middle School。

    "Are you Chinese?" "Do you love China?" "Are you willing to China?"

    "Three questions of patriotism" by Zhang Boling, the old principal of Nankai University,,Is the question of history,It is also the question of the times,Future question。Nankai University teachers and students came to Chongqing Nankai Middle School,Use Peking opera art to interpret the school history story of singing and crying,Revisiting the deep power of "Patriotic Three Questions"。

    Standing at the forefront of the times and the national strategic height,Answer what to train、How to cultivate people、Who trains the fundamental question of this education,It is necessary to seize the fundamental task of Lideshu people,Righteousness and Politics Class。

    Renmin University of China adheres to local conditions、Due to the time to system、Education for thepts,Combined with its own actual digging of ideological and political education resources,Create the school's red gene、Academic History Tradition、The ideological and political elective courses of discipline characteristics; Hunan University creates inspiration "mobile" ideological and political classroom,The mining and utilization of historical and cultural resources、Visiting and study of red ruins,Inspirble students deeply understand why the Communist Party of China can、Why Marxism、Why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good; Fujian Normal University Xiehe College activate "Society of Politics" in the walking "Social Class",Plant the seeds of the motherland into the students' heart field。

    Education Newcomer、Pei Liangcai。The majority of colleges and universities accurately grasp the dialectics of talent training,Perseverance uses Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to cast souls,Education for strengthening the core values ​​of socialism,Education system that strives to build a comprehensive cultivation of morality, wisdom, beauty and labor。

    "A single micro video used in the classroom is best not to exceed 2 minutes。"" Students of the junior have the foundation,Some content cannot be repeated。"" How to improve students' head -up rate、Nodding rate? "

    East Lake's shore,,Wuhan University held the "Introduction to the Introduction to the Introduction to Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era"。Thoughts of "Dream Team" formed by more than 100 experts and scholars in 12 colleges,Speaking on the stage one by one according to the topic,Teachers and students represent the judges of the defense、On -site review。Collective grinding lesson,Teaching phase long。

    The role of ideological and political lessons is irreplaceable,The teacher team of ideological and political courses is important。Current,Teachers in ideological and political courses in colleges and universities have increased to 145,000,More than 110,000 full -time teachers,National college and part -time counselors increase to 264,000 people,full -time counselors reached 201,000,The comprehensive teacher -student ratio has all met the central requirements。Teaching Exhibition of Ideological and Political Courses in Universities in the country、Backbone Teacher Training Course、Collective lesson preparation meeting、Model training such as the ideological and political work team continues to hold,Politics、Feel deep、Thinking new、Vision wide、Self -discipline、Personalized ideological and political work team gradually matches all,The backbone force of the Lide people is steadily consolidated。

    Lide Tree,Strong base solid book。"Newcomer Newcomer Soul Casting Project" in -depth implementation, "I am a small self -integrated youth and dedicated to the motherland" theme social practice continues to be carried out ... Chinese students in the hearts of young students are becoming more and more shiny。

    Some students take root in the west、Construction frontier; some students go to the hot military 188bet casino reviewcamp,In the great practice of achieving the dream of strong army;,In technology、Humanities and other fields,Research on the concentration、Struggle practice ...

    Viewing the country,Casting Army Soul; Essence Scientific Research,Casting Army Soul; Essence Scientific Research,Yong innovation。Chinese youth in the new era to be good、Fighting Dedication,Contribute youth for the Chinese Dream of the Great Revival of the Chinese nation。


closely connect with the development of higher education with the development of the country


    General Secretary Xi Jinping deeply pointed out,The development direction of higher education in my country should be closely linked with the real goals of my country's development and the future direction,Serve the people,Services for governing the country for the Communist Party of China,Services to consolidate and develop the socialist system with Chinese characteristics,Services for reform and opening up, socialist modernization,。

    The important judgments of General Secretary Xi Jinping demonstrated the people's position and political attributes of our universities,revealed the goals and initial mission of socialist universities with Chinese characteristics。

    "Snow Dragon" returns to navigation,Return to full load! April this year,my country's 40th Antarctic Investigation end to the end,Four teachers and students of Wuhan University who participated in the scientific test task have a precious life experience。A batch of teachers and students growing true talents in scientific research,Continue to provide talent and technical support for various fields such as polar scientific research。

    Improve independent innovation ability,Break through key core technology as soon as possible,It is a key issue for building a new development pattern。College bravely picking heavy burden,Let the results of scientific research innovation be intertwined with national development:

    The world's first module -type module -type high -temperature gas -cold pile nuclear power plant led by Tsinghua University developed commercial operation,marks that my country has reached the international leading level in the field of the fourth -generation nuclear power technology research and development and application;,Fully reached the international advanced level,and achieve batch applications in multiple fields such as aerospace; the "Mariu II" Underwater Pole Drilling Diamond System led by Hunan University of Science and Technology,refreshed the depth of the world's deep -sea submarine drill drill drilling machine。

    Shenzhou Feitian、Beidou Group、羲、high -speed rail flying、The Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge is opened to traffic ... Behind a series of major country projects,There are outstanding contributions of colleges and universities。Yong Climbing Technology Peak,College innovation ability is significantly enhanced,Perfectly supports high -level technology self -reliance。

    Service State,Both reflected in the big results、On the big article,It is also contained in life、Land。Teachers and students of colleges and universities penetrate the front line to solve people's livelihood、Governance,Write the paper on the land of the motherland,Let the results enter thousands of households。

    Caohu Village, Jiao Miao Town, Qihe County, Shandong,Test Demonstration Base at the Science and Technology Court of China Agricultural University,Wheat grows up like。

    Fertilization、Watering、Prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests ... Graduate students often come to the field,Observe the growth of wheat,Carry out field management training for villagers,Help farmers high yield increase income。Entering the depths of China China,Young students love farmers and love,Practicing the ability of the farming,Create merit on the big stage of rural rejuvenation。

    With strong farmers and farmers as its own mission,China Agricultural University、A large number of colleges and universities such as Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology gives full play to school characteristics,Work hard 188bet reviewto come up with more scientific and technological achievements,Cultivate more new types of talents knowing farmers and farmers。

    Guarding the health of the people,Universities' medical innovation ability continues to improve,A group of important results for output。Peking University System Research New Methods for Diagnosis of Embinry Genetics,Research on the creation of new drugs at Zhejiang University、Many scientific research results enter the clinical trial stage。New Medicine Construction In -depth Promotion,Medical Education Innovation Development。

    The revival of a nation requires strong material power,It also needs strong spiritual power。Observation with China、Take the times as observation,Based on the actual situation of China,Solution in China,College philosophy and social science workers take out the real skills、Get good results:

    In recent years,Many colleges and universities think tanks were selected into the national high -end think tank construction pilot unit and cultivation unit,horse Tibetan、Confucian Tibetan、Tsinghua Jian and other major academic research projects have achieved substantial progress,The role of educating people in college's excellent traditional culture inheritance base,Philosophy and Social Science Prosperity Development。

    The foundation of the people's happiness,Consolidate the foundation of the country's wealth and strength,Universities will develop and realize their own development and realization of the country、National Revitalization、People are closely linked to the happiness,Significant improvement of service national capabilities。


Taking deepening reform as a powerful power


    General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "From educational power to educational power is a systematic jump and qualitative change,Must take reform and innovation as power。To adhere to the system concept,Coordinated to promote the method of education、school mode、Management System、Reform of the guarantee mechanism,Resolutely eliminating all ideological concepts of constraints on high -quality development of education and disadvantages of institutional mechanisms,Comprehensively improve the modernization level of education governance system and governance capabilities。”

    Keep in mind Xi Jinping's entrustment,High colleges and universities take reform and innovation as power,Joining Chinese characteristics、The construction of world -class universities and advantageous disciplines。

    Develop new productive forces、Promote high -quality development,Urgently need a large number of talents。How to develop a new trend according to science and technology,Optimize the discipline of colleges and universities、Talent training mode?

    See the discipline and professional settings —

    Electronic information material、Soft material science and engineering、Biological Breeding Technology ... Recently,2023 The results of the undergraduate majors of ordinary colleges and universities are announced,24 new majors are officially included in the undergraduate professional catalog。Added this professional to、Return、Adjustment involves 3389 professional points,The quantity is the most over the years。Professional dynamic adjustment behind,It is the support for education for high -quality development、Continuous improvement of contribution。

    Look at talent training —

    "Strong base plan" launched in 2020,Focus on major national strategic needs,Highlight the supporting role of the support of basic disciplines; the "tipping plan" enters stage 2.0,288 basic subject training bases have been constructed;,It has supported the construction of 32 national outstanding engineer colleges。Talent Base,Constantly consolidating。

    Education evaluation,Touring the direction of education for education。How to deepen the reform of education evaluation in the new era,overcome the score、Shengxue、Diploma、Only thesis、Small disease of the hat?

    Shanghai Jiaotong University deepen teachers' classification multiple evaluation reforms,Forming in teaching and scientific research、Teacher 188bet appTeacher、Experiment、Project and other 19 categories,Unblocking various types of talent development channels; the University of Science and Technology of China establishes a five -dollar value evaluation mechanism for scientific and technological achievements,Help the scientific research team running on the right track; Central South University optimizes academic colleagues evaluation system,Specific evaluation dimension,Improve academic quality。

    Yizi Lu,Full of Ending。Reform practice proof,Make "ruler" more accurate、Evaluation is better,It is an important step for comprehensive and fully stimulating higher education vitality。

    Educational digitalization is an important breakthrough in my country's new track and new advantage of education development in China。Universities use information technology to update education concepts,Transformation Education Mode,Get significant results。

    Building circuit、Adjust signal、Observing waveforms ... Students from Shihezi University through remote access,Successful operation of the device in the laboratory of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology,This is a "simulated electronic technology foundation" course that spans more than 2,000 kilometers。

    Since the implementation of the "Mu Class West" plan,Universities in the eastern region provide a total of 198,000 macro courses and online curriculum services to western universities,Help 50.69 million mixed teaching in the western region,Participate in learning students with 540 million people。

    New hometown push,Destroyer is not stagnant。New round of "double first -class" construction in depth,Deepening the system and mechanism reform,Coordinated advance、Category to build first -class universities and first -class disciplines; based on serving the national regional development strategy,Optimize the allocation of regional educational resources,The development of higher education in the Central and Western regions has been further advanced ... The solid pace of the reform of the sharp reform,Injecting power into the construction of strong education for higher education。


Solidly promoting higher education and foreign exchanges and cooperation


    General Secretary Xi Jinping deeply pointed out: "Socialist education system with Chinese characteristics is good" "must be firm in cultural self -confidence,Persist your good things well,Draw the good foreign things,Along with the times、Open Development "。

An open China,China in China。Construction of Chinese characteristics、World First -class University,Emphasize the self -cultivation of talents,Don’t mean self -isolation。For 10 years,Higher Education External Exchange Cooperation,I took a solid step。

The end of the screen,Teachers explain carefully;,Students actively ask questions。

With a root network cable、Each camera,Young people gathered in high -quality classrooms in Chinese universities。

In recent years,my country's leading the construction of the World Mu Class and Online Education Alliance,In -depth online teaching international exchanges and cooperation,341 Global Fusion Course has been opened,Launched 10 global fusion certificate projects,Nearly 25.4 million learners。Xi'an Jiaotong University relies on the Silk Road University Alliance,Open Energy Chemical、30 training topics and 743 courses of health care; Southwest Jiaotong University implements the "Belt and Road" initiative,Course、Teaching Material Construction,Trained more than 5,000 rail transit talents from more than 80 countries; Southern University of Science and Technology helps Cambodia、Kenya and other 13 countries to build smart classrooms,Help all countries online education development ...

This picture scene reflects the fruitful results brought by open cooperation.

Along with the times、Open Development,High -level education foreign exchange cooperation is a direction for building a strong country to build a strong country。

Effectively use world -class educational resources and innovative elements —

Shanghai Gathering high -quality international education resources,Persevere "with me as the main、Fill the vacancy、Enhancement of weakness ",Hold high -level Chinese -foreign cooperative school institutions and projects。Promoting 188bet reviewInternationalization of Sun Yat -sen University,Using high -quality educational resources to improve your ability to run schools and educational quality。

Vigorously promote the construction of the "Study Abroad China" brand —

Beijing Jiaotong University "order formula" cultivation railway construction、Operations and management talents,Provides strong support for promoting the "Belt and Road" infrastructure interconnection。Nanjing Audit University Audit Majors International Class,Through class learning and field visits,improved professional literacy,Deepen the audit system for China、Knowing the socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Communist Party of China。

The deeper the roots, the more lush the branches and leaves.

Chinese Higher Education in China,Continuous optimization of open layout、"Friend Circle" continuously expands,Send a Chinese voice to the world、Provide Chinese experience、Contribute Chinese wisdom。


*** ***


    Advance to the motherland,Walking with the times。More firm confidence、The key journey of national rejuvenation,Chinese characteristics、The more strategic significance of the construction of world -class universities,More firm confidence,Du Ying。

    On the way forward,The majority of colleges and universities have always remembered General Secretary Xi Jinping's ardent entrustment: "my country has unique history、Unique culture、Unique national conditions,determines that my country must follow its own high education development road,Solid -handed socialist universities with Chinese characteristics。"" Socialist roads with Chinese characteristics、Theoretical self -confidence、System self -confidence、Cultural self -confidence is transformed into a self -confidence in running a world -class university with Chinese characteristics。”

    Based on the overall situation of the great rejuvenation strategy of the Chinese nation and the world's unscrupulous changes,Provide basic nature for comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries、Strategic support,Go out of a construction of Chinese characteristics、New Road of World First -class University,The majority of universities shoulder the mission,Step forward!

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