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Xi'an Institute of Foreign Affairs set up Benhara Confucian Academy to help cultural revival to promote civilization
2024-05-20 18:35 Shaanxi Provincial Private Education Association    (Click: )
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    May 19,Xi'an Institute of Foreign Affairs established Benhara Confucian Academy,Dedicated theoretical construction and practical conversion of Confucianism,Contributions to cultural rejuvenation and civilization。Professor Huang Yusheng, a professor at the Department of Philosophy of Tsinghua University as Honorary Dean,Professor Liang Tao of Renmin University of China as Dean,Researcher Zhao Guangming, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as the director of the academic committee。The original Confucian Academy as an important institution led by the ideological guidance and ideas of the Xi'an Foreign Affairs Academy,The chairman of the school、Principal Huang Teng also served as honorary dean。

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    Xi'an Foreign Affairs College Benyuan Confucian Academy uses the "Pass of the World,The common principle of tomorrow、The Base of the Future of Human "is the purpose、With "as a reason for others" as the core concept,Hire more than 50 experts and scholars across the country as a member of the academic committee,188bet online sports bettingThe universal position of the world's original culture will be,Digging the universality and transcendence factors of Confucianism in Confucianism,Inherit the fundamental spirit of Confucianism,Stimulate the general value role of Confucian ideology and culture and the vitality of the times,Make Confucianism into the moment、Go to the future,Promote the integration of Chinese culture and other original culture in the world,Contributions to cultural rejuvenation and civilization。
    Chairman of Xi'an Foreign Affairs College、Professor Huang Teng, the principal, conducted a comprehensive interpretation of the original Confucianism at the founding conference。He emphasized,Benyuan Confucianism is not the original form of Confucianism or Confucianism,but the excavation of the universality and transcendence of Confucianism in Confucianism in the specific form of Confucianism。He believes that the reason why Chinese culture can continue to develop and evolve in the long river of history,to a large extent depends on the continuous excavation 188bet mobile app androidand reshaping of the universal factors of Confucianism,The inheritance of the general factors of Confucianism guarantees the continuity and vitality of Chinese culture。So,Only the Confucianism with universality and originality,can Confucianism be maintained and rejuvenated in the world today,and effectively respond to the challenges of the West and its modern civilization。Professor Huang Yusheng、Professor Liang Tao、Researcher Zhao Guangming conducted in -depth elaboration on the study of the original Confucianism at the meeting,and extensively exchanged discussions with the participating scholars。

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    The purpose of the original Confucian Academy's purpose is highly recognized by well -known experts in philosophy and culture,They expressed affirmation and expectations in the methods of congratulatory letters。
    Professor Lou Lie, a professor at the Department of Philosophy of Peking University, wrote in the congratulatory letter: "Benyuan Confucian Academy takes Confucianism as the foundation,Hui Tong Benyuan Culture,Dinghui will do it。Confucianism'188bet apps proposition ‘harmonious’ '‘benevolent lovers’ ‘the doctrine’ ‘doctrine’,It will provide important revelation for the harmonious development of human beings。”
    Famous philosopher、Philosophy historian、Chen Lai, Dean of the Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Studies, said in He Xin,I agree with the Phase of the Confucianism,The original Confucianism highlights the original nature of Confucianism,The original status of Confucianism。He suggested that Benhara Confucian Academy as a way to learn and take it seriously,Contribute to the revival of Confucianism。
    Professor Yang Guorong, a professor at the Department of Philosophy of East China Normal University, said: "Confucianism is a continuous ceremony、Nutracked Newcomer、Sublimation Knowledge、Learning of the world,Xi'an is an important birthplace of the original culture,Establishing Boshiyuan Confucian Academy in Xi'an, ancient capital,Fortune Congratulations "。He expects Benyuan Confucian Academy to return to the new、Hui Tongzhong and West,In classic research、188bet mobile app androidThought up、Talent training、Civilized Dialogue、Many aspects of social services have achieved fruitful results。
    Best of the concept of Confucian Confucianism and the establishment of the Confucian Academy of Benhara,I have experienced more than ten years in succession,The origin of the "Academy System" of Xi'an Foreign Affairs College and the root of ritual and music root。2023,Professor Huang Teng on the 4th World Benyuan Cultural Forum,A special report of the concept of Confucianism in the original Confucianism,and combined with the opinions of the participating experts,Leading the academic team of the school conducted further discussions、Explaining and clear connotation,Lay the theoretical foundation for the establishment of the original Confucian Academy。Establishment of Benyuan Confucian Academy,It will also further promote the development of general education and education of Xi'an Foreign Affairs College。
    Chinese Confucius Society、National College of Renmin University of China、Confucius Research Institute、Mencius Research Institute、China Outstanding Traditional Culture Study 188bet appEducation Research Center、Northwest Normal University Philosophy and Social College、Suzhou University Gu Yanwu Research Center、More than 20 institutions including the Department of Marxism of Northeast Normal University, congratulations to the establishment of the Confucian Academy of Benhara。


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