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Shaanxi: Continue to advance the employment work
2024-05-08 09:37 Shaanxi Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department    (Click: )
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    1st to March,103,200 new employment in urban and towns in Shaanxi Province,increased by 0.76%year -on -year; investigation of unemployment rates decreased for two consecutive months,Achieved stable start。

    In the first quarter,Shaanxi held 166 games in spring activities in Shaanxi joint recruitment of college graduates in spring,Reaching an intention of 31,400 people。"Spring Wind Action" held more than 1,900 recruitment activities during the period,Provide more than 180,000 positions,Rural labor transfer employment 7.503 million people,Among 188bet mobile app android them, the poverty alleviation population is 2.1936 million people out。Carrying out employment aid monthly recruitment activities 511 games,Help the unemployed recreation of 31,900 people、Employment of employment difficulties。

    Next,Shaanxi Human Resources and Social Security Department will highlight employment priority,Estimated to improve the high -quality and full employment work system,Focus on young groups such as college graduates、"Three Key points" of migrant workers and employment difficulties,Continue implementation of professional skills improvement、Labor brand cultivation、Employment service quality "three projects",Stability、amplification、Gift of quality,Top hard、Passing、Placing the bottom line of people's livelihood,Ensure that more than 400,000 new employment 188bet casino review in cities and towns throughout the year,Ensure that the employment scale of poverty alleviation is not less than 2.1 million people。

    Shaanxi Province will introduce to consolidate and strengthen employment measures、Policy measures such as key tasks of the leadership group,Implement 16 measures to help the private economy development and expansion,Supporting business entities with large employment capacity to expand jobs。Implementing the "Eight Actions" of scientific and technological innovation,Increase loan、Placement of support for the venue,Release entrepreneurship drives employment potential。Vigorously expand the digital economy、Silver Hair Economy、New employment areas such as green employment,Promote the realization of high -quality and full employment and high -quality 188bet casino review development benign interaction。

    To promote the stability of employment,Shaanxi will vigorously implement the "three projects"。Implementation of professional skills improvement project,Adapt to advanced manufacturing、Modern Service、Pension care and other key areas of talents,Strengthen the construction of public training bases,Carry out government subsidy vocational skills training more than 300,000 people。Implementing labor brand cultivation project,Around the rural revitalization and the development of the county economy,Give full play to the leading aggregate effect of the labor brand,Cultivate more than 100 county -level labor brands。Implementation of employment service quality project,Consolidate the "One Library and One Platform" achievement of employment informatization,188bet mobile app android Expand the "Qin Yun Employment" service function,Key expanding enterprise users。Support the development of the human resources service industry,Enhance market supply and demand matching。Do a good job of provincial key projects、Key industrial chain tightly lacks talent enterprise employment service guarantee。

    For key groups,Shaanxi Human Resources and Social Security Department will implement public employment services into campus、Employment attack and other special operations,Promoting the training of youth job hunting ability,Optimize the full cycle employment and entrepreneurial guidance service。Improve employment aid system,Standardize public welfare job development,Category and perfecting flexible employment service guarantee measures,Expansion of the Professional Injury 188bet online sports betting Guarantee Pilot of Employees of New Employees。


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