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Interpretation of the "Three Branches and One Support" plan of college graduates in 2024
2024-05-21 08:48 The official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security    (Click: )
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  To further promote the employment of college graduates,The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently implemented the 2024 "Three Branches and One Support" plan with relevant departments,Recruit 3,4430 college graduates across the country to work at the grassroots level、support farmer、Senuments such as support and help rural revitalization。
As of now,Already Guangdong、Shandong、Hubei、Anhui、Yunnan and other more than ten provinces issued recruitment announcements。How to apply? How is the treatment?。
What graduates will the quota be tilted to?
"Three Branches and One Support" 188bet mobile app androidplan,It is a demonstration item for the guidance of the relevant departments to encourage college graduates to work at the grassroots level,The service period is 2 years。
"According to the recent notice we issued in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance,This year's central financial support recruiting the number of ‘three branches, one support’ personnel increased by 1.3%compared with last year。"Zhang Wenmiao, Director of Human Resources Macro Management Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, introduced。
According to the notification,This year's recruitment plan is planned to poverty alleviation area、Northeast region、Frontier area、Ethnic area、Revolutionary old districts and other inclined。Central Finance Support Xinjiang、Inner Mongolia、Hubei recruits the "Three Branches and One Support" personnel the most,All in 2,000 people and above; followed by Ningxia、Qinghai、Gansu、Sichuan,All close to 2,000 people。Generally speaking,The recruitment plan focuses on the central and western regions,will reach 84.3%。
Reporter noticed,To better dock the needs of graduates,This year's provinces issued the "Three Branches and One Support" recruitment announcement and organizational examination time,Obviously advanced compared to previous years,The actual recruitment of some provinces also increases。
Liu Shiming, director of the Human Resources Market Department of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province, told reporters: "Combined with the‘ Hundred Town and Village High -quality Development Project ’ combined with the in -depth implementation of Guangdong Province,,Based on the recruitment plan for the country,Guangdong Province 188bet reviewproperly expanded the recruitment scale of ‘three branches, one support’ personnel,Receiving about 3,000 graduates every year in recent years。”
From the requirements of the application,Most provinces require college graduates or college graduates within three years of graduation,Some provinces will make technical colleges senior work class、Graduates of the preparatory technician class are included in the scope of the recruitment object。Recruitment of difficulties for medical staff,Hubei Province ’s application for medical posts does not limit graduation period,Anhui、Yunnan and other provinces will have no medical positions in branch posts.。
Notification requirements,Reasonable recruitment conditions in various places,Difficult to recruit people、It is difficult to relax professional requirements,Reduce the proportion of test opening。Priority recruitment of poverty alleviation families、Ministerial Family、Zero -employed family graduates,supporting medical positions to the graduates of medical major in medical training。
The reporter learned from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,As of now,About 10 provinces in the country have completed registration,I'm hurrying to organize the test,Inner Mongolia、Henan and other 8 provinces will issue recruitment announcements in the near future。According to the arrangement,All places will complete the recruitment selection work before the end of August,New recruiting personnel service in early September。

    What is the treatment and guarantee of grassroots posts?
What grassroots positions are included in this year's "three branches and one support" plan?
According to the 188bet casino reviewnotification,All places will focus on the development of grass -roots undertakings urgently needed positions,Expansion of rural construction assistants、Agricultural Technology Promotion、Construction and operation management of water conservancy infrastructure、Forest grass ecological protection repair、Medical and health service positions。From the announcement of the announcement,The recruitment unit mainly includes the township people's government、Health Center、Agricultural Technology Station、Water Conservancy Station、Primary and secondary schools, etc.。
"Three Branches and One Support" personnel are generally arranged in the service of grassroots units in towns and towns。All places will recommend me to be the deputy secretary of the members of the grassroots units、River (Lake、Forest) Assistant、Agricultural Technical Service Station (Supreme) Assistant、Forest Farm (Station) Assistant、Assistant to the director of the grass -roots supply and marketing cooperatives,Encourage graduates to participate in the construction and key tasks of major projects at the grassroots level,Exercise and grow in promoting the solution of the actual development of grassroots research。
"Our town will arrange 2 to 3‘ three branches and one support ’quotes this year,All agricultural positions。With the pace of rural revitalization,The technical requirements of grassroots work are higher,I also put forward new requirements for the quality of cadres。I need to have ideas、A enthusiastic young people join it。"Liu Yiyong, mayor of Shichuan Town, Jilan County, Gansu Province, said。
The notification is clear,2024 Central 188bet appfinancial support to carry out 8,000 special training for "three branches and one support" personnel; at the same time,Actively coordinate relevant departments in various places,incorporate the "three branches and one support" personnel into the scope of talent training in the corresponding industry; encourage their service to participate in the professional qualification examination,and can participate in the job title evaluation。
According to reporters,,2023,There are 1.15 million people in the country to apply for the "Three Branches and One Support" plan,The average test ratio reaches 26.3: 1。
How is the service guarantee to the grassroots level?
"Subsidy Standards for Work Life Subsidies,According to local township organs or public institutions, determine the salary level after the new employment staff of the new hired staff is transferred from college graduates。Central Finance is 12,000 yuan per person per year per person in the Eastern Region、24,000 yuan in the central region、30,000 yuan in the western region (Tibet、40,000 yuan in the four places in the southern Xinjiang southern Xinjiang) and the standard of 3,000 yuan per person at a one -time settlement。
Since 2021,The cumulative investment in the central government has invested 5.4 billion yuan,Active support for local finance,Dynamic adjustment of the subsidy standard for "three branches and one support" personnel,Most provinces per capita annual subsidy of more than 60,000 yuan。In addition,Grass -roots employers will also provide accommodation、Transportation and other conveniences。
What are the development support policies after the service period?
After the 2 -year service period expires,What measures are there 188bet reviewto support the development of graduates?
According to an introduction,About 10 % of the test plan for civil servants under the provincial level in various places,Orientation recruitment "Three Branches and One Support" plan and other service grassroots project staff。When recruiting in the grassroots institutions of the county and township,Take out a certain number or proportion position,Special recruitment of personnel who qualified for the "Three Branches and One Support" service period Expire,Add the weight of work performance in the inspection,The trial period will not be agreed after employment。Provincial and municipal institutions when public recruitment,Persons who have preferred the "Three Branches and One Support" service period under the same conditions。
"Three branches and one support" personnel after 2 years of exercise,Familiar with the grassroots level,Master a certain mass working method,Can stay at the grassroots level quickly adapt to work。The main policy orientation we promotes the flow of people in the period,Actively create conditions for them to take root in grassroots employment and entrepreneurs。At the end of 2023,About 90%of the officers of the year achieve employment,About 70%stay at the grassroots,Reserved youth talents for the grassroots level。"Zhang Wenmiao said。
The fourth round of the "Three Branches and One Support" plan in 2021,121,700 graduates have been selected nationwide to service at the grassroots level。
The reporter learned,Special recruitment of public institutions in various places,Different from the actual situation of the grassroots,The method is different。Anhui、Gansu and other about 10 provinces such as the "Three Branches and One Support" personnel who have passed the service period and pass the assessment 188bet casino reviewadopt a inspection and employment method,Leave the qualified person in the service period directly in the original service unit。
Continue to study for the "Three Branches and One Support" personnel to support the service period,Policy stipulates that participating in the National Master's Graduate Admissions Exam for 3 years,The total score of the preliminary test plus 10 points,Under the same conditions, priority admission。
Notice this year also specially emphasized,Do your best to do the employment service of the service period,Unblocking grass -roots service units retaining channels,Multi -measures and promote the "three branches and one support" personnel to take root in the grassroots level。It is required to organize special recruitment activities,Encourage state -owned enterprise grassroots units to give priority to recruitment service period,You can enjoy targeted employment services when you are entrepreneurial and entrepreneurship、Entrepreneurship training and incubation。

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