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Vocational Citation Future -2024 National Dazhong City Joint Recruitment of College Graduates Spring Specialty Local Features
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 Beijing's next -footed 188bet app early effort to improve service effectiveness。Precise invitations before the meeting。Focus on the needs of the talent needs of the participating units,Start through campus、Media launches、Community launch、SMS invitations and other forms,Organize related industry talents and Hebei、Graduates from Tianjin college participation in recruitment activities。Precise matching before the meeting。Publish detailed post information in the participating unit in advance,job seekers can collect their favorite positions,Generate a "personalized job list",Implementing people's job matching first,On -site recruitment is later,Effectively improve the on -site docking efficiency。Precise guidance before the meeting。Set the career guidance link at the front end of the activity,Use the appointment code to publish professional guidance boutique courses,Provide online test guidance、Resume modification and career planning services,Let the job seeker high -level job search skills at the premise of participating,Improve the success of the job search。

Tianjin's "Three Actions" to help promote the activity 188bet review solidly。Press "Start button"。March 18,United Beijing、Hebei、Shandong、Jiangsu and other provinces and cities,Recruitment activity at the University of China in Tianjin Sino -German Applied Technology,Invite more than 500 companies to participate,Provide 13,000 positions,Attract nearly 5,000 graduates from 23 colleges and universities to join for jobs。Expand the "Friend Circle"。10 companies including the Organization China Construction Sixth Bureau go to Xi'an to participate in tour recruitment activities。Jinnan District, including five districts, together with Beijing Tongzhou District、Langfang City, Hebei,Organized key enterprises to participate in the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei special recruitment activities。Fresh "Expressway"。Opening "Employment Pass" into the campus,"Stop" at 8 sites including Tianjin Vocational University ",Bring a convenient and efficient job search experience for graduates,Cumulative positions provide 12,000 positions。

Shanxi launched a special recruitment activity in the energy and mineral industry。Before the start of the event,A large and medium -sized city tour 188bet app of Shanxi Station (Energy Mineral) activities at the School of Energy of Shanxi。Before the start of the event,Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department dedicated to Xinjiang、Gansu、Qinghai、Ningxia 4 provinces (districts),Investigate the status of college graduates with energy and mining companies。Activity scene,From Qinghai、Beijing、More than 200 companies in 11 provinces and cities including Shandong participated,Provide more than 15,000 positions,Received 11,000 resumes on the spot,Preliminary employment intention 3577 people。During the event,Policy publicity also carried out simultaneous development、​​Venture Service、Corporate road show、Live Bandwing、Excellent graduate deeds lectures。

Inner Mongolia's "Three Gathering Power" deepening activities。April 21,Start at Chifeng City in Chifeng City 2024 Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Association and Joint Recruitment Activities of Dazhong City。Juqi optimization activity mode。Event set up the main venue of the autonomous region and the 14th league branch venue,Invite people and 188bet online sports betting social departments such as "Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei" and "Three Provinces in the Northeast" to participate together。Gathering expansion service scope。The main venue revolves around 8 major industrial clusters and 16 key industrial chain development talents in the autonomous region,Movement of cooperative provinces Recommended key enterprises to participate。Participating companies 2842,Provide 87,000 positions,Covering biopharmaceuticals、21 industry areas including non -ferrous metal processing。Power deepening activity influence。During the event,Organization signed Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Meng、4 protocols including the Framework Agreement of the Graduate Employment and Entrepreneurship Alliance Framework of the Jiujiu Provincial and District University,Promote information sharing between provinces、Activity joint bureau、Coordinated development。

Shanghai Innovation Activities Forms Consolidate service results。Rich activity content。Human Resources Department carefully planned,Launched online and offline recruitment、Career guidance、Policy preaching and other 188bet review series of activities。During the event,Hold nearly 200 games of various types of job fairs,More than 4200 participating units,Provide 76,000 positions,55,000 participants。Pay attention to precise docking。In advance to investigate the employment intention of graduates and the needs of enterprises,Accurate matching through big data,Promoting high -efficiency docking supply and demand。Carry out personalized career guidance and employment consultation,Help graduates clear career plan,Improve job search skills。Improve service means,Provide online resume delivery、Remote interviews and other services,Breakthrough geographical limit,Provide convenience services for employers and job hunting graduates。

Ningxia holds the "Ningxia Station" activity in Ningxia。April 26,Hold a tour of Ningxia Station at Ningxia University,A common organization of 21 provinces nearly 1,000 enterprises online and offline participation,Provide 22,000 jobs,Covering chemical industry、New Materials、Communication and other industries。Special recruitment at the event site、Public Employment 188bet online sports betting Service、Live Bandwing、Seven special sections such as intelligent recruitment display,Construction Jiangsu、Fujian、Guangxi、Shandong、Shanxi、Qinghai 6 provinces (districts) characteristic exhibition area,Promote the local employment quotation policy and key enterprise post information。On the day of the event,Ningxia、Hebei、Shanxi、Jilin and other 9 provinces and regions signed a human resources exchange cooperation agreement,Promote the employment of college graduates across regions。


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